Semi-marathon of Parnonas “Ta Karyateia”

14:09 03 June in Karyateia-Race

The Half Marathon Race of Parnonas “TA KARYATEIA” is a mountain endurance race of 20.3 km which takes place at the beginning of summer in Karyes, in memory of benefactor Georgios T. Skiouris, and aims to be added to the calendar of more and more athletes and exercisers every year.

Karyes having hospitable people, with vision and passion for amateur sports and an active sports club, the “S.C. Karyatis”, ensure all the guarantees for the success of this athletic meeting.

The meeting has three events:

Musses Race of 6,000 meters.
Children race of 2,000 meters – “We run in the mountain, we give joy in our life”.
Promenade walk of 10,000 meters.
Semi-marathon race of 20,300 meters.

For the successful organization of this meeting many bodies cooperate and specifically the S.C. “Karyatis”, the U.S.O. of Sparti Municipality, the Cultural Club of Karyes, the Karyates Association, the Blood Bank of Karyes, the Firefight Team of Karyes, ο Parents & Guardians Club of Karyes, the website, the University of Peloponnesus and the Department of Sport Organization and Management, the Greek Rescue Group of Sparti, the Mountaineering Club of Sparti, the Cultural Club of Vassaras and finally the runners club A.P.S. “APOLLON” West Attika which is responsible for the technical support of the meeting.

The Route of the Event

The start and finish point of the event is in the central square of Karyes.

The route has a length of 20.3 km and follows a lovely paved route on the outskirts of Parnonas mountain with spectacular view of Taygetos mountain.

The starting is at an altitude of 916 m and the altitude difference is at 120 m.

2nd Semi-marathon of Parnonas

The athletic event is scheduled to take place on 06.21.2014.


To participate in the races of this event, you can do it in the following ways:

  • Complete the Application Form.
    • Send it as attachment to either:
    • Or Fax it to +302155408840
    • Or contact through phone, where you state your full name, date of birth and the club you may be a member of:
      1. +306974487967 (Theodoros Mentis)
      2. +306909389162 (Goranitis Pavlos)

The clubs runners are encouraged to send their entries in groups.

The deadline for registering is Wednesday, June 18, 2014. For the proper organization of the event, participants are requested to timely dispatch of enrollment.

Additional Information