Natural Beauty

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Mount Taygetos is one of the highest mountains in Greece, boasting a height of 2404 meters. Beautiful forests covering the middle mountain zone, fragrant phrygana shrubs sprinkled in the lower parts of the mountain, gorges and ravines shaded by plane trees are all features of this landscape that will fascinate visitors.

Mount Parnonas or Malevos is lower than Mt. Taygetos, but equally as charming and lush with pine and fir. Its highest peak, the Great Tourla Kronio, stands tall at 1,934 meters. Beautiful plateaus, gorges of wild beauty and deep valleys create a landscape of unparalleled beauty.

The Evrotas River source is found in the region of Mantineia in Arkadia. It flows 82 km, receiving water from several tributaries, and finally empties into the Lakonian Gulf, forming a delta.