Discover Sparta / Municipal Units

The Mynicipal Unit of Mystras includes includes the former communities of Agia Irene, Agios Ioannis, Anavriti, Loggastra, Magoula, Mystras, Paroreio, Soustianoi and Tripi.

Nestled in Mount Taygetos and its lowlands, the municipal unit of Mystras offers both relaxation and recreation to visitors all year long.

Anavriti also serves as a base for ascents to the summit.  Hiking paths and trails include the European E4 trail ascending to the Mountain Refuge, as well as paths to Mystras, Agios loannis and Taygeti.  From the village of Parori, a 15-minute trek along a path leads to Our Lady Langadiotissa, a marvelous church tucked in a cave, and to the Monastery of Fan¬eromeni.  Starting at Mystras, an inviting trail leads to Pikoulianika and Taygeti, as well as Agios loannis of Vouvalon in modern-day Mystras (only 10 minutes from the town square).

A visit to the Kaiadas chasm is essential, as is a stroll around the enchanting gardens of the Sainopouleio Amphitheatre, where the construction of a new athletic center is about to break ground.  A tour of the springs in Tripi, ie Karvasara, Vasiloneri and the Knakiona springs at the Monastery of Agios Giannakis, is an exceptional experience.  The Langada Climbing Park is also worth a visit for the crag climbing adventurer.   Other worthwhile sites include the Byzantine bridge of Agios Sostis and the 4 water mills in the village of Agia Irene, the Byzantine churches of the Taxiarches (the Archangels), Our Lady the Virgin and St. Nicholas in Loggastra and finally, in Soustianoi, the Gorge of the Fairy, the Koumoundouros caves and the magnificent church of St. Nicholas.