Museum of Modern Sparta

Sights of Interest / Culture


A brand new museum, the Museum of Modern Sparta was established by the Municipality of Sparta and the Cultural Centre of Sparta. It is housed in the neoclassical building of the Cultural Center, at the intersection of Lycurgus Avenue and Hamaretou Street. The Museum of Modern Sparta serves as a ‘guardian’ of cultural goods, and examines the past in order to shed light on the present and to anticipate the city’s future. The museum’s main purpose is to collect and safeguard everything associated with the city and to offer invaluable information to each new generation of Spartans, including facts about how this Lakonian capital city was established in antiquity and ultimately developed into a modern urban center of the Peloponnese.


Hours: Wednesday (17:00-20:00) & Sunday (11:00-14:00)
Lykourgou & Chamaretou, Sparta
Phone: +30 27310 26343