Local Products

Discover Sparta

The olive is one of the main products grown on Spartan land (and generally, in all of Lakonia). The microclimate and soil of this area is perfect for the cultivation of a variety of olives, and hence, the production of exquisite olive oil.

The orange groves of Sparta embrace the Evrotas River valley. In the spring, the blossoms’ distinct sweet fragrance floods the air. The oranges and citrus fruits of Lakonia are well-known for their excellent quality, both in Greece and around the world. “The orange trees of Sparta Snow, flowers of Love, Turned white from your words And tilt their branches low…” — Nikiforos Vrettakos

Vineyards have been cultivated in this area ever since the days of old. Today, as organic crops increasingly gain ground, smaller and larger companies produce a variety of wines of noteworthy distinction.

Honey is produced throughout the entire Municipality of Sparta. The citrus trees in the lowlands, the conifers in the mountains and the fragrant plants of Mt. Taygetos and Mt. Parnonas lend a unique quality, flavor and aroma to the honey.

In the mountain villages of the municipality, chestnuts and walnuts of exceptional quality are grown. The Chestnut Festival takes place annually in the village of Arna.

Syglino of Mani (salt-cured meat and sausage) is pork smoked with lentisk or cedar, scented with orange rind and preserved in its own fat (glyna), from which it takes its name. Today, it is manufactured and packaged by companies and butchers who use modern methods, yet still maintain the same taste and quality.

In the northern region of the Municipality where water is abundant, there are fish farm facilities. Local businesses raise and produce the finest smoked trout and salmon, which are then distributed all over Greece.

Spartan cooking (and in general, cooking in Lakonia) has undergone major changes throughout the years. Yet, many traditional methods for preserving food, such as salt-cured pork (syglino) with orange, have stood the test of time.