Evrotas River

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The Evrotas River source is found in the region of Mantineia in Arkadia. It flows 82 km, receiving water from several tributaries, and finally empties into the Lakonian Gulf, forming a delta. The Evrotas River Delta is one of the last major wetlands in southern Greece.

The banks of the Evrotas River serve as one of the last breeding grounds in the Mediterranean for the Caretta Caretta sea turtle. In the dune area, the largest in the southern Peloponnese, you can encounter rare plant species such as Linum phitosianum, a species unique in all the world.

Visitors can cross the Evrotas River at many points. During the winter when the river flows with plenty of water, many canoe enthusiasts engage in their favorite sport  from January to April. The route starts in the region of Vordonia, and you can get there by turning right on the main road after the second small bridge after the village of Karavas.  Another access point is in the area of Piri and you can get there by taking the main road from Sparta towards Gytheio and turning left one kilometer after the military camp KEEM where there is a sign for the Airport.

In the wetlands of the Evrotas River, 210 species have been recorded, including  waterfowl and raptors. Despite extensive human disturbance to the area, the wetlands have been designated as an ‘Important Bird Area’ by the Greek  Ornithological Company, which operates the Environmental Station of the Evrotas River just south of Skala on the way to Leimona.  Access is easy from the main road Gytheio-Neapoli. For information and excursions, please call +30 693 2888757 or +30 210 8228704.

 Original Greek Text by “Idiomorfi” Publications