Events & Festivals

The Cultural Summer is an institution that has been held at the Sainopouleio amphitheatre since 1988.It is a series of events that include theatrical performances, concerts and other events.

Spartathlon is a historic ultramarathon that takes place in Greece annually in late September. It is one of the most challenging ultra distance races worldwide and it sparks great interest due to its historical background.

The Spartan Race event commenced in the USA and is held annually with numerous entries at  various  countries around the world. It is an event that includes running, an obstacle course, hurdles and many more difficult stages. The Spartan Race enables beginners and professional runners to test themselves by providing challenges at all training levels. Since 2017, the event is held in early November in Sparta.

Every summer, at the first weekend of August, the municipal unit of Oinountas organizes the Olive and Olive Oil Festival in the village of Sellasia. The festival aims to highlight and promote Lakonian olive oil and olives, and to advocate cultural development in the region.

The Mystras Merchant Fair is held annually between the 27th of August and 2nd of September and brings together merchants and vendors from all over Greece.

The “Chestnut Festival” is successfully organised on the last weekend of October at the beautiful village of Arna.

The Municipality of Sparta pays tribute to Konstantinos Palaiologos, the last Byzantine Emperor and Despot of Mystras, whose name would eternally be linked with the fate and fall of Constantinople. A range of religious, athletic and cultural events are organized at the end of May every year, which take place in Mystras and its Archaeological site.

The “Call to Taygetos” is a successful series of summer events that is held every summer in the town of Xirokambi.