Going Out


Since the Archaic Period, music gradually evolved into a more complex art form and assumed an integral role in the lives of ancient Greeks. This development culminated in the organization of music competitions in many cities of Ancient Greece. One of the earliest such music competitions was the so-called ‘Karneia’ festival in ancient Sparta, a city where music held a prominent position and was inextricably tied to the training and education of youth.


As the night quickly approaches, the city’s cafes transform into bars where you can lounge and listen to both Greek and foreign music as you casually sip your drink of choice.

Later on, take your pick of the bars and nightclubs that surround the main square. Whether you prefer an intense or more relaxed pace, with so many music options available, you can party till the sun comes up.

Cinema & The Film Society

In the city of Sparta, on the Kleomvrotos pedestrian pathway, film lovers can find a modern cinema. Screenings are daily and include both current and classic films.

The Film Society of Sparta is also an extremely active club.

Theatre Troupes

In the Municipality of Sparta, various active theatre troupes periodically put on plays of significant artistic interest.


The Municipality of Sparta is home to two of the most beautiful amphitheatres in all of Greece – the Sainopouleio Amphitheatre and the Amphitheatre of Xirokambi. Numerous theatrical performances and musical events are organized at these magnificent amphitheatres all summer long.