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Lagada Climbing Park

On the outskirts of Trypi, the bridge that connects its sides and offers to the visitor a truly wild landscape, with huge vertical slopes and large green hills, delineates the imposing ravine of Lagkada. There, right at the 15th kilometre of the national road connecting Sparta
and Kalamata, and after having crossed a beautiful artificial arch on a cliff, which was constructed when the road was opened, stands its top-climbing field. The amazing landscape with the 91 routes of all levels of difficulty is what makes Lagkada one of the 5 best climbing fields in the country. Constant maintenance work is taking place, both from the Greek Mountaineering Club of Sparta and from individual climbers, whereas there is also a shelter and a toilet. Parking is allowed as suggested by the relative signs. Right across, starts a path and after walking for just three minutes,it ends to the first two fields,”Aloni” and “Petsanes”, which feature a total of 55 routes. On the road, 150 metres further down by car, starts the smaller one, “Stani”, with 4 routes and after a 50-metre dirt road from this spot, the charming ravine bed appears, with the car park. After only a two-minute walk to the left, the path crosses “Tourlitsa”, with 11 routes,and, at the exact same distance further down starts “Splithari”, the newer and very important field of Lagkada, with another 21 routes.


Taking into account that all the above spread out at an altitude of 800 metres, it is obvious that climbing is considered to be difficult if not impossible during the winter, while the period between the beginning of April and the middle of November is the ideal and safest solution. Moreover, each field has a different orientation, which makes climbing particularly enjoyable during the summer months… The Greek Mountaineering Club

of Sparta has cared for the wooden construction of a small, but rather practical shelter, known as “the little house of Lagkada”, which was maintained in the summer of 2012 by loyal friends of the park. It can accommodate 7 or 8 people and it does not have electricity, water or beds.However, all the fields have ample space for tents, they are well secured, the routes have permanent relays and, apart from two, all the rest are single rope.

Important: Before you attend it’s mandatory to contact EOS Of SParta – Phone: +30 27310 22574 –