“Athanasios Panagiotou Goudes” Park

Sights of Interest / Culture


In a green area, donated by Nikolaos Goudes, very close to the city of Sparta and on the way to Mystras, stands out this high quality exemplary recreational park, which follows European standards. The park is an idealdestination for entertainment, relaxation and exercise for the entire family. This elegant space offers complete leisure activities, with recently planted large grounds, olive groves with age-long olive trees, a circular road/cycling road of 865m (running around the park), a playground for adolescents, an open-air fitness venue for adults, a playground for children, a big open-air marble chess, high standard skateboard circuits, outdoor table-tennis installations, a rose garden, a pond and fountains, as well as a small amphitheatre. Each structure is designed in absolute respect to the environment, while the characteristic respect of both locals and visitors towards the park is ideally combined with the intention of the Municipality of Sparta to contribute in the best possible way to the social interaction and communication of its citizens.