Explore Sparta

Nature, history and culture create a unique experience!

Nature will enchant you with its beauty:

Small picturesque villages with paved squares and small churches, landscapes that change colors with the alternation of the seasons, crystal clear waters, caves, rich flora and fauna make up a unique scenery. The peaks of Parnonas and Taygetos invite you to conquer them through a multitude of hiking trails. Discover her secrets through a treasure hunt!

The history stands impressive to you and it arouses you awe:

Wander through the castles, palaces, churches and stone houses of Mystras Catsle. Follow the footsteps of the legend of Sparta, King Leonidas.

The city will fascinate you with its liveliness and historical grandeur:

A city built in a blessed fertile place over a large field, lush with oranges, lemon trees, olive trees, with the cold breath of Taygetus, near the right side of the mythical river Evrotas.

Its local products will create a feast of flavors in your palate:

Enjoy a beautiful “journey” of flavors and taste the local products of fertile Spartan land that stand out for their tastiness.

A unique city!

Sparta invites you to discover it!