Discover Sparta / Modern Day Sparta


The municipal unit of Faris is made up of 28 villages: Xirokampi, Agios Christoforos, Anthohori, Anogeia, Arkasades, Arna, Vasiliki, Varda, Goranoi,  Kaminia,  Dipotama,  Kavouraki, Kryoneri, Kydonia, Kydonitsa, Lefki, Lefkohoma,  Liantina,  Nihori,  Palaiopanagia, Palaiohori, Pentavloi, Polovitsa, Potamia, Spartia, Sotira, Toriza and Trapezonti.

Faris extends into the heart of the central and eastern Taygetos region. Attractions include: an ancient bridge built in 50 BC, the Liakakos Tower, the medieval settlement of Koumousta (altitude 750 m.) with five Byzantine churches, three churches in Xirokambi, the forest of Pentavli (altitude 1,200 m.) which is a continuation of the marvelous Anakolos ravine, the mountain settlement of Toriza, and the Taygetos Mountain Refuge (altitude 1,550 m.) which serves as a base for ascents to the summit. In the area of Goranoi, you can find the Giatrakou Tower as well as an ancient quarry that bears the name ‘Gynaika’ (‘ Woman’). Near the village of Spartia lies the cave where Konstantinos  Kolokotronis, father of Theodore, was killed.

The municipal unit of Faris and the former municipalities of Sparta and Mystras have implemented a project entitled ‘Protection, Management and Soft Tourism Development of Mt. Taygetos ‘, in order to improve hiking trails and establish visitor information centers.


So prominent is the production of olive oil in the area that the annual festival ‘Elaioforia’ has been dedicated to the promotion of the olive and the culture surrounding it.

Arna’s beautiful square, shaded by its perennial plane tree, is the site of many events and festivities.  Cycling races take place every October.  In 2002, the stone Amphitheater in Xirokambi was inaugurated and since then, numerous open-air performances and events have been staged.